Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Ressurection/Belated Year in Review/Massive Photo Dump

I have been working on this blog extravaganza post since January, but I am just now finally ready to unveil it.  Yay.  Enjoy.

So 2011 was a HUGE year for Mike and I, but.... I hardly blogged about any of it! Before my memory fades completely (already about approx. 68% fade-alert), let us take note of the major events the last year--as well as a few random events of which I found fun pictures on my computer. :) 

January 1, 2011: 2010 ended and 2011 happened. 

-----Most of this time period is pretty much a blur due my life-consuming teaching internship-----

May 26, 2011: My internship at Mapleton Junior High ended. This was actually the only life event that managed to make the blog originally! Seems like ages ago! 

June 3-15, 2011: Mike had his BFA final show.

July 4, 2011: Freedom Festival Balloons

July 2011: Biennial Decker Family Reunion (extended family on my mom's side)

August 11-12, 2011: Mike and I finally graduated from BYU!

August 22, 2011: I turned 25, a.k.a. a quarter of a century.

September, 2011: Random Activities/Pass of all Passes

October 25, 2011: Mike got his residency! (A.K.A. Yay--the government believed that our marriage was actually legit.)

October 29, 2011: Pre-Halloween Festivities - Cornbelly's "double date"

October 31, 2011: Halloween and Mike's *cough*thirty-first*cough* birthday!

November 23-27, 2011: Thanksgiving in Snowflake, AZ

December, 2011: Christmas

2011 ended and 2012 happened! [updates to come much sooner this time :) ]

Sunday, April 1, 2012

December, 2011: Christmas

  So, Christmas happened again this year, and it was wonderful as always.  One of our first celebrations was with the Tylers, my dad's extended family.  We always have a dinner and a Christmas talent show program. Here are some pictures below:

Potluck dinner

Family eating

We also celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday.

Talent show music talents

Somber audience :)
Me and my siblings' epic "Just Dance" talent

Gift exchange

Mike with a couple of the missionaries who have been staying in my parent's basement this year.

People on their way out.

Mike and my Grandma Tyler.

On Christmas Eve we visited Mike's sister's family to have a family night and exchange gifts.

Nephews sharing Christmas messages.

Nephews opening their presents.

Then we headed over to my parent's house for the final Christmas traditions: sharing Christmas note sentiments, opening matching PJs, and watching It's a Wonderful Life.  I fell asleep in the middle in of the movie this year; I was so bummed!

Of course we opened presents the next morning and had a grand old time enjoying our spoils over the nice, relaxing Christmas break.

November 23-27, 2011: Thanksgiving in Snowflake, AZ

For Thanksgiving this year we stayed at my grandparents house in Snowflake, AZ.  I had a blast with all the the family that was there.

Besides eating tons of delicious food, we mostly also played tons of games (as always) and just generally enjoyed eachother's company.  One of the hits of the trip was this party game we call "Celebrities."  It's kind of a mix of Catch Phrase and Charades.  My dad recorded some clips on his phone, but they turned out pretty choppy.  If I can get them to work, I'll add them later.

Me and some cousins playing "Just Dance."  Love that game!

Mike and I also took the opportunity to go 4-wheeling because my grandparents live right next to a small network of 4-wheeling trails (and the Snowflake Temple which you can see in the background of some of these pictures.

October 31, 2011: Halloween and Mike's *cough*thirty-first*cough* birthday!

  Yes, Mike is a Halloween baby!  I love Halloween and I love my husband, so it's a great day.

Grr, carving pumpkins.

Me fixing my 'do.

The final product.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from "I Love Lucy"

Orange hair creation from multiple perspectives.

Of course, since we dressed up, we needed somewhere to go.  Red Robin is becoming somewhat of a Halloween/birthday tradition for us.

Getting into character.

Finishing up the pumpkin carving.

Mike's b-day cake.  yum yum

The big 3 - 1 !