Monday, June 23, 2008

June - a crazy month!

So, I have not made any updates in the past month. It has been a difficult month for us. However, I am now getting to the point where I can see how what is always said about trials is true. They can either destroy you or they can be an opportunity to grow. The problem is that it is often very challenging to take the first steps towards growth when you are in the depths of despair. Some of you reading this will know what I am referring to, and some of you will likely be very confused! To those confused, do not worry; I am not going to go into details here but I could share more in a private conversation. I remember a story for some talk or article that I have read or heard within the past couple of years. It related a dialog between a mother and daughter, when the daughter was about to be wed. She said, "Mother, it is so wonderful. I have come to the end of my troubles." In response, her mother said, "yes, it is true, but you just don't know which end." Life is very interesting; it is definitely an adventure, and I have decided that it is usually impossible to predict or foresee its path. Nonetheless, we are all here travelers.
Well, moving on, things are really starting to brighten up. I got (another!) new job recently. I think it will be a good opportunity for me and so far it has gone pretty well. It is a little bumpy, but hopefully will get better with time. I have been working as a teller at Utah Community Credit Union for about a week and a half now. I am working at the Pleasant Grove branch where one of my good friends from high school, Lindsey, is the assistant manager. It was through her that I found out about the opening and I am very grateful for her help! I think it will be fun working with her, but also a little weird because she will now be my boss while I am used to her..... not being my boss. :) Anyway, it is kind of funny to see her take on her different work persona, but it is also fun to see how successful she has become in such a short time! (Meanwhile I am still just trudging slowly through school working odd jobs from time to time!) Anyway, it seems that the company really believes in treating their employees well so it will be a great change. In addition, I am looking for another job for the morning because this one is just part-time in the afternoons. Also, I am starting on an online class that I basically need to finish within a couple weeks to help me get into the teaching program for my major. So... I will be a very busy girl for the next month or so! As a result, I may not post again for some time.... or I might.... but either way I am grateful for anyone who might be reading this and I appreciate your friendship and support!