Thursday, May 26, 2011

My mind is officially BLOWN!

Dear ladies and gentlemen (readers of this blog):

As stated in the title above, my mind is officially blown right now. Today I finished my last day as an English teacher/intern at Mapleton Junior High. I have so many mixed emotions going through my mind right now. Let's make a list:
1. Confusion - What? Is this really happening?
2. Excitement - Yes! Finally, after about seven years of non-stop stress and work, I am going to party it up this summer with no major commitments to anything in particular!
3. Sorrow - I've kinda cried a bit about how I am probably never going to see my students again... I'm going to miss those "little demons." Also, I am really going to miss some of my amazing co-workers. Not to mention the security of having a job in general. Which brings me to number 4...
4. Terror - I have no idea what I am doing to do next year. Which is a circumstance I really hate to be in. I've been looking into a lot of different options, but nothing has worked out so far. Hopefully I'll have some more luck over the summer.
5. Giddy exhaustion and relief - This is my main emotion at present. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can now resume all of my former antics (such as posting on this forgotten blog).

Well, reader, this concludes my list for the day. I am now off to prepare to attend my little sister's high school graduation, in which she will be speaking. Wow! What a smarty-pants. I am pretty much really envious of my sister and all of her accomplishments, FYI. Anyhow, now that I have 100x more free time on my hands, I will probably be posting again shortly. Thanks for reading!