Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, I have been wanting to post for awhile now, but feeling too guilty because I always have other obligations to meet first, for example school. Now, I still have things to check off my list but I am letting myself take a break for awhile because finals are over! Woo hoo! We have a few loose ends to tie up, but we are almost done! Unfortunately for me, I start school again on Tuesday.... majorly lame huh? Not even a week to rest! Mike will be taking the summer off of school so he has a nice long break.
Moving along... speaking of moving, Michael and I have major news that many people now know, but not all.... we are going to be homeowners! We are so excited. I have been looking for houses pretty much non-stop for the last few months and now I can finally stop and have a life. It was fun for me to look around, but it was starting to drive me crazy after awhile. Our deadline to close on the house is June 4, so we should be moving in soon after that. We will be in Springville and everyone is welcome to come visit. Here are some pictures of our little home:

This is the exterior view obviously. We had been looking to buy either a townhouse or a condo, but I am really happy we are going for a townhouse because I think the style is so cute! It reminds me of a dollhouse. The neighborhood seems nice from what we have seen so far. Hopefully we can make some new friends!

Here is a view of the living room, we will be putting in the pretend wood laminate flooring instead of the carpet. Partially because we would want to anyway, and partially because there is currently a square hole cut into the carpet. You see, we are buying the house from a bank and the previous owners were apparently not so happy to be leaving (which is understandable). We are getting a good deal, but it's kind of sad for whoever was here before... but oh well!

This is the kitchen, those appliances aren't there anymore, but it gives you the idea of how it will look.

This is our patio, shed, and very tiny "yard." :)

Here is the community pool and clubhouse. I think it will be pretty fun for the summer! I never actually used the pool at any of the previous apartment complexes I lived in, but maybe this is will be different because it will be mostly families instead of weird single people. No offense to single people... obviously I was one for a long time, but I'm not a huge fan of the guy/girl single people pool interactions. Anyway... I think it will be fun.

There a couple of playgrounds and a sports court for the neighborhood. One day I could bring our little child here... aww. Except, probably by the time we have a kid old enough to go play, we will be moving on to something a little bigger. But, I still like the idea of it! And we may be here long enough to make use of it, we'll see.

This is the floorplan to give you an idea. It is nothing fancy, but it more than meets our needs at this stage of our lives. We love it! We probably would have preferred 3 bedrooms because we have gotten used to having an office, and then that would give us space for an office and a room to save for a new baby. However, we really don't need it for now, so we will just have to figure out how to arrange everything when the time comes. It will be fabulous to have our own place, and all of our housing expenses will be about the same as what we had been paying for rent... and hopefully we will be able to get a little bit of it back in the end. Well, that's it for today, more updates to come later!